Game Creating Dungeon


Town was accpeted lightmap.




Created in 2007

Name : Refrain
Developer : 180days Team
                  Akarolls ( Client programer )
                  DP ( Network programer )
                  Cavin ( planner )
                  Achjk ( Character designer )
                  JongSik ( Animatior )
                  Enia ( Environment designer)
                  Hwang( sub planner)
Category : MMORPG


i spended A long time for create this game. (maybe six month)

but.. this game leak something.

I WANT TO CREATE NEW STYLE GAME!! but it’s not, just common small MMORPG.

(then so boring while to create)

anyway i can got so many programming skills those HDR, bone skinning, screen effect and Lightmap,collision map network….

playable with four player. and players can tame all of the monsters and NPC.



rest are later.


:: Title :: Single-Play, Netwrok-Play, Creator and Exit.

:: Room-Screen ::  when Single-Play, you can select how many do to play in game.

and Map-Select is possible,( currently there are 7×7 and 5×5 Maps.)

:: Game Play Screen :: Use mouse drag to select direction-angle for Shot a fruit.

Your main objective is to get many ground better than your opponents.

in addition, there are various fruit (create, destroy, absorb), wind, time limit.

::Quter View::

[Game Down]

Created in 2007

Name : UlraHulra
Developer : Ao~ Team
                  Akarolls ( Client programer )
                  U_Sik ( Network programer )
                  Skypolice ( planner )
                  Mango ( graphic designer )
Category : Puzzle


this game is simple. when your turn, throw a fruit to empty space.

Object is to plant many trees or do BINGO.

fruits have unique ablity (ex Yellow-Fruit is to create, Violet-Fruit is to absorb, Red-Fruit is to destroy)

it used renderware-engine, and i attached network.AND 3D Game~, turn game.

all of those is new!! (my first try. – network, renderware, turn and ….etc)


.For Network-Play

1) Run “server.exe”

2) Push “시작” (start button)

3) another player Run “tool.exe” and Server Ip Setting.

4) Let’s Play Network ~with your friend!

5) if it fail,then close “Server.exe” and repeat from (1) process.






i don’t know how can i link movie at this blog.


Created in 2006

Name : HOP
Developer : 108 HOP Team
                  Akarolls ( programer )
                  SuChol ( programer )
                  Garu ( planner )
                  Mango ( graphic designer )
                  Bono ( graphic designer )
Category : Arcade


This is first game that i didn’t draw Characters and BackGround.

and it used DirectX Low version. ( maybe DirectX 7.0)

You play as baby-animals on their epic adventure, where the goal is to clear the level .

StoryMode consist of four levels. and each Stage have special obstacles (Whale , Cloud and Star, Etc .. ).

TwoPlayerMode is to conflict each other for Get the Bubble or Survival.

and Item-Shop is place use money was collected in game, to hire pets.


that’s it.


[Game Down]


 Created in 2006

Name : Dungeons & Guider
Developer : Akarolls ( graphic & programer )
Category :  Puzzle & RPG


this game, As Title, is to Guide in Dungeons.

(it used only API and C, then making was so hard..)

Age is a hero and adventure, the unknown world of discovery, And gain fame and wealth in the era of adventure.
The mystery of the caves exist that could not even imagine anyone fearsome creatures.
full of dark abyss is waiting for you.
then new class was born, that’s “DungeonGuider!!” 
Your adventure will lead the way into the light!!
There are some additional elements in the later levels, such as Wizards, Orc and HERO.

↑ ← ↓ →  :  Move

W A S D  :  Use torch for Move Adventures


if enemy approach the light then Adventures  attacks the enemy.

but you command to move, it is first.

each stages are ready that new monsters, adventures and traps.


[Game Down]

Created in 2005

Name : AnioneSuperStars
Developer : Noontendo Team
                  Akarolls ( graphic & programer )
                  Geros ( plan & photoer )
                  Myfrench ( Level designer )
                  Zenais ( scenario writer)
                  Sol ( sound recoder )
Category : Action


this game is high-school graduation work.

it has many memories in my school days.

and i Create my schoolmate to unique character. ( Wolf and Cazy Rabit, Orc …)

my Character is Panda..;; ( i was called Panda.. by My friend when i was student)

the beginning, you have just five Characters who’s Creators in game.

if you complete Game then you get another Characters.

and there is one hidden character.

—Key Information—

Move : W,A,S,D

Mouse Right Click : Sniper Mode

Mouse Left Click : Shot a gun!







Created in 2005

Name : Siro of 糊口之策
Developer : DrukHigh Team
                  Akarolls ( graphic & programer )
                  Shifeed ( programer )
                  Harid ( planner )
                  Junior Programmer * 3 (for learn to our programming skill)
Category : Simulation



This Game, Siro second series, describes livelihood of Siro.

You’ll become a God and Create unique Your City.

(Create a Structure, Make a Way)


Most of Siro behave with specially A.I.

Police-Siro prevent Ctizen-Siro from Enemy.And Miner-Siro always work for make the money.

Siro use siro-siro-Mushroom to Sleep and Recovery at night.

(siro-siro-Mushroom look like House for Siro)


ScreenShot ( tanku ver 1.0 )

[Tanku Down]


Created in 2005.

Name : Tanku ver 1.2
Developer : Akarolls ( graphic & programer )
Category : Action & Shooter



it used API programming.

After i studied about 3d programming, I created this game.

3d-Tank is drawn by software rendering (by source code).

there are various tank.


–Key Information–

SpaceBar  : Shot a Missile!

Shift        : Lock On!

↑ ↓           : Forward Move, Backward Move.

← →         : Rotation.

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