Game Creating Dungeon


I was born at 1987 May 19th.


I am determined to make a living as game programmer at all costs.


I want to create new style games.

Currently I am working Game Programing at BLUESIDE.


my Orignal blog :

but that blog uses korean language.

10 Responses to "Profile"

I really like what you’re doing. Are you based in Korea?


thanks for comming. do you create CaveStory?
Iam your fan!!

and yes iam from korea.

Yes, we’re working on Cave Story for Wii. Are you familiar with it?

Cave Story is famous game in korea. 🙂
I saw it many time anywhere(Blog and Website).

Honer to meet you.

That’s great to hear–I will let Pixel know about it. Is WiiWare available in South Korea yet?

Great to meet you, too. Please send me e-mail if you’d like to continue chatting!

I love your site!

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

I loved your game – Classic Night….Took me back to when i was a child, reading children’s books! The artwork, design elements, and the concept is excellent. Fantastic job, and congratulations!

WOW you are so amazing person hope I can be like you one day 🙂

Try my new game Mind Hunter 🙂

I wanna learn digital arts and make computer art just as wonderful as yours can u help me 🙂

oh sorry for my late replay.
thanks for comment 🙂
I’ll try your game!!!

(but my art is not good .;; it’s just low level art. :p )

Lookin g for game development? are you interested?

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