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ClassicNight – [Construction simulation]

Posted on: February 11, 2009






Created in 2008 

Name : ClassicNight

Developer  : A-Dungeon  (Akarolls)

Category  : Construction-simulation


Age is darkness, Moon more and more light is lost.  You are hired by moon. Collect Lights and Build Street-Light.Using the Light,  make bright Moon in whole universe.

 Player become Harigol ( look like Skeleton) who is management in moon. then Avoid Crazy-Rabbit, Collect Light And Build Street-Light.

you can call another creatures will help you.






Someday thief stolen money, NDS, Digital Camera and Etc and MY COMPUTER!! in home.

i lost my source code , so this project is not finished. 😦





20 Responses to "ClassicNight – [Construction simulation]"

[…] Classic Night 는 모든 방법으로 아름답습니다. 이 게임은 훌륭한 외모와 눈을 주먹으로 뮤지컬 반주에 맞는 데요. 불행히도, 그것은 최종 버전의 소스 코드를 함께하기 때문에 개발자의 컴퓨터가 도난당한되지 않습니다. […]

[…] Stel je voor dat je de bekende Italiaanse gebroeders wat levensechter in beeld wilt brengen. Dan kom je automatisch bij de maffia uit, kennelijk. Toegegeven, het is wat slap verzonnen, maar de uitwerking maakt dat meer dan goed. Super Mafia Land put zijn inspiratie uit Super Mario Bros 2. Onderdelen die zijn overgenomen: vijandjes oppakken, plantjes uit de grond trekken en deze gebruiken om gespuis uit de weg te ruimen. Het speelt wat traag, maar dat is het enige minpunt. ClassicNight → […]

I am sorry to hear about the thief. I wish I could help you. I will try the game now!

[…] Get the game on Akarolls blog page for Classic Night […]

thanks for your kindness.
i just want you to expect my Next Game!!

Thieves stink…sucks to hear that but I will def look forward to your next game. Art in classic night looks awesome…cant wait to try it!

Great game. Very stylish! Hope you’ll get a chance to finish it. If I were you I’d made a game about catching the thief who stole your computer. 😉

wow so good idea~ i will try that 😉

[…] CLASSIC NIGHT Mi avvio verso il termine della serie con questa particolare avventura selenica, che mi sento di raccomandare anche se non sono ancora stato in grado di giocarci in maniera approfondita (soprattutto perchè sul mio pc procede ad una lentezza a tratti esasperante): lo stile grafico è allettante, il background sono è classico, e il concept – aiutare la Luna a brillare più del Sole raccogliendo luce e accendendo lampioni – si sposa perfettamente con tutto il resto. […]

Looks/sounds/plays great – am getting stuck on the siro level but I guess thats the bit that ain’t finished.

Good luck with it!

New here. Thanks

Mary Aloe
Proud Mary Entertainment

[…] far far from it. Subjects ranging from Korean folklore concerning rabbits that populate the moon (ClassicNight), the wandering through the mind of a drug addict – and being rewarded for tripping out […]

[…] for 2009 are as follows:Aether – Edmund McMillen and Tyler GlaielAkrasia – Team Aha!ClassicNight – AkarollsCogs – Lazy 8 StudiosClosure – Tyler Glaiel and Jon SchubbeDear Esther […]

[…] Classic Night 는 모든 방법으로 아름답습니다. 이 게임은 훌륭한 외모와 눈을 주먹으로 뮤지컬 반주에 맞는 데요. 불행히도, 그것은 최종 버전의 소스 코드를 함께하기 때문에 개발자의 컴퓨터가 도난당한되지 않습니다. […]

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